Mobile Time Management Solutions

Easier and smarter time management


We all try to manage our time in a more efficiently in the midst of our busy lives, balancing scheduled
events, to-dos, projects, including short and long term plans.

Existing calendars provide limited functions, making it difficult to effiectively manage schedules on mobile devices.
Day2Life helps users plan and manage their time in an easier and smarter way.


We provide the following products to accomplish our vision


JUNE- Mobile Planner (Calendar/Todo/Note)


JUNE was designed under the guiding principle of "Planning Made Fun", and allows you to manage your schedule in a simple and organized way. It also helps you to manage your time with various functions such as to-dos, notes, and even more great features.

JUNE, which reminds us of the funness and easiness of summer, is a time management solution that anyone can use.

Day2life Planner

Day2Life Planner is a comprehensive mobile planner
which helps users manage daily and long-term plans.

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We work with our partners to accomplish our vision


Free JUNE calendar library helps users sync their current schedule and planned events
in one place, enabling them to work between platforms for more efficient concert
planning, hotel reservations, and project management.
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Current Partnerships -LGU+business card management application. "My secretary"

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